360° Approach: Tool Design & Manufacturing Service

Customized cutting tool development and testing for metalworking applications


Our comprehensive tool design service

Many companies lack the resources or manpower needed for dedicated in-house tool development. This is why Clortech offers the 360° Approach tool design service.
Our tool manufacturing experts can design, develop and test cutting tools for your specific metalworking applications that are troublesome or ineffective. With our service, you can easily have the high-performance tools you need developed and tested to meet your unique requirements.
The Clortech team has extensive experience in cutting tool applications and our tooling services were created to provide comprehensive solutions to your most demanding issues.

Streamlined tool design and development

We provide a streamlined tool design and development service to satisfy your most exacting tooling needs. Everything is done in-house to ensure consistent quality and a flawless development process for each of our clients.


Customized tool design

Whether you need a specific tool for milling or drilling, you provide us with your specific parameter range, such as speed and feed limitations, and our expert team will design and test a tool that achieves the desired performance.


In-depth tool testing

Our team has the ability to rigorously test tools in our cutting-edge Montreal facility or work in collaboration with third-party testing institutes. Our precise testing process ensures complete tool design accuracy every time.


Detailed rendering

Clortech can provide clients with a highly detailed 3D rendering of the cutting tool to be integrated in CAD/CAM simulation software. Custom tool manufacturing has never been so simple.

Why choose our 360° approach tool design service?

Clortech understands that many companies simply don’t have the resources or workforce necessary for internal tool design and development. Our 360° approach was created to provide companies full access to a dedicated tool manufacturing team when they need it most.
When you choose our custom tool development service, you are guaranteed to receive a cutting tool design that is fully optimized to meet your standards. Everything from durability and lifespan to aesthetics and cost-efficiency is taken into account according to your needs.
Our state-of-the-art production and inspection equipment at our leading-edge Montreal facility enables us to provide 100% quality control a fully personalized service each and every time. No matter if you need special aircraft tools or complete MRO tool kits, we have the ability to deliver the exact tooling you need, right when you need it.

Contact our custom tool design experts

Do you have any questions or want to learn more about our products and comprehensive tool design services? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today and we will be happy to answer you or schedule a consultation.