Tooling Services for Machining Applications

Comprehensive tooling solutions to meet every machining need.

Our tooling services in Montreal

Clortech has been an industry-leading cutting tool designer, producer and supplier in Montreal since 1987. We provide a range of comprehensive tooling services for a wide variety of machining applications in a diverse number of industries.

MRO tooling services

Along with our ability to provide complete MRO service kits, Clortech offers regrind services and replacement of damaged tooling. Even the highest quality cutting tools can become worn down over time, which is why we offer our clients a regrinding and reconditioning service to give your custom tools new life.
Moreover, we provide kit inventory services to keep stock of all items in your service kit for a rapid and seamless turnaround time.  Our high-end technology allows us to repair tools with exacting precision for maximum effectiveness during restoration.

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AOG 911

At Clortech, we understand that AOG (Aircraft-On-Ground) is extremely costly to airlines. With our AOG 911 service, airlines and aircraft manufacturers can have aircraft tools produced and modified in the shortest lead time possible.
We can manufacture or modify AOG tools within just a few hours under normal circumstances and a day or two for more complex situations. You can rapidly get your aircraft back in operation, resulting in significant cost savings.

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360° Approach

Our 360° Approach tooling service is designed for companies that lack the resources or workforce needed to develop their own tools. Our highly-skilled tooling experts can design, develop and test cutting tools for your most demanding applications.
With your desired parameter range (i.e. machining tool limitations), we can design effective tooling that meets your specific requirements. We rigorously test every tool in-house and can also provide a detailed 3D rendering for use in CAD/CAM simulators.

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TDS (Technical Drawing Service)

Clortech makes use of state-of-the-art equipment to map any cutting tools available on the market and provide customers with detailed drawings of tool parameters. Our Technical Drawing Services enable clients without the adequate resources for tool development to maintain consistency and quality for every cutting tool.

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Why choose our tooling services?

Clortech is committed to providing the most durable, reliable and efficient tooling services for all your machining needs.


 Tailored service

We strive to provide personalized services that are adapted to meet the precise machining requirements of each customer.


Highly-trained experts

Our passionate and dedicated experts are highly-trained to deliver the most satisfactory experience to all our clients.


World-class facilities

Our cutting tool facilities are industry-best and fully equipped with the latest technology to provide the highest level of quality bar-none.



We understand that rapid turnaround time is an important factor for many businesses that use our tooling services. We also guarantee on-time delivery.

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