Our Reamers

Clortech is the supplier of choice for industrial reaming tools


Industry-best reamers

Clortech provides an array of the highest quality reamers in the industry at competitive prices. Our reaming tools offer the highest levels of performance for all your hole finishing and enlarging applications. Our expert technicians rigorously inspect every aspect of production to ensure total precision and lasting durability.
Our best-in-industry selection of reamers includes Carbide Reamers, Subland Reamers, Guide Reamers, Taper Reamers and Pilot Reamers. We also have the ability to create custom-made tools for specific reaming applications.

Our reaming tools at a glance

Our reaming tools are specially designed for rapid hole shaping, widening and finishing. All cutting tools produced by Clortech are built to meet to the highest industry standards.

Carbide Reamer

Clortech Carbide Reamers will meet the most exacting reaming applications. Achieve a perfect finish quality with lasting durability and high resistance to wear-and-tear.

Subland Reamer

Well-suited for steel, wood, plastics or cast-iron drilling applications, our Subland Reamers are strong and long-lasting. They are precise, flexible and highly durable.

Guide Reamer

Our Guide Reamers make perfect alignment a breeze to help you create the smoothest, most precise holes for your reaming applications. Easily achieve maximum consistency and enjoy a longer, more reliable service life for your tools.

Taper Reamer

Clortech Taper Reamers make it easy to produce an ultra-polished, extremely precise finish on any hole. Get the highest accuracy resizing on the market!

Pilot Reamer

Our Pilot Reamers can be customized to be as efficient as possible for your desired applications. Perfect for clean, high-accuracy reaming with superior control.

Why choose Clortech milling tools?

Clortech has over three decades of experience producing high-performance cutting tools for a wide range of industry applications. Our cutting-edge facilities enable us to be highly-adaptable to our clients’ needs and offer tooling services that go above and beyond the norm.

When you choose our high-precision reaming products, you can count on:

  • Cutting tools manufactured with leading-edge inspection and production equipment
  • 100% quality control
  • Inspection reports provided if needed
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • On-time deliveries

Contact our reaming experts

Do you have any questions about our reaming tools or other custom toolmaking services? Want to discuss your specific reaming needs with our technicians? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today and we will be happy to answer you.