AOG 911: Aircraft Maintenance Tooling

Aircraft tools with the shortest lead time for the aviation industry


Our aircraft maintenance tooling service

AOG (Aircraft-On-Ground) can cost airlines millions of dollars per year. This is why we designed our AOG 911 service to produce or modify aircraft tools with the shortest lead times possible.
With the goal of significantly reducing aviation industry costs, the Clortech team can rapidly manufacture or modify AOG tools within a couple of hours or a day or two for more complex situations. We help you speed up your repairs and get your aircraft up and running as quickly as possible.
Whether you urgently need to get your aircraft off the ground or you simply want the highest quality tools to increase your routine aircraft maintenance efficiency, Clortech has the aviation industry solution you need.

Aircraft tools, tailored to your needs

Clortech custom-manufactures all aircraft tools in-house at our Montreal-based facility. Our highly skilled technicians have the ability to meet the most demanding specifications for your aircraft maintenance needs.


Drilling tools

Our high-precision drilling tools are custom-designed and thoroughly inspected to ensure that they can easily perform the most rigorous aircraft drilling applications on a range of the toughest materials. For smooth and accurate hole making each and every time, you can trust our AOG 911 service.



Our assortment of reamers are the perfect solution for refining your drilled holes as precisely as possible. We manufacture our reaming tools to meet your exact requirements, ensuring 100% quality control every time.


Milling tools

Clortech can provide highly dependable milling tools that meet the strictest aircraft machining standards. Render your milling applications for aerospace parts more efficient than ever with our tailored solutions.

Why choose Clortech’s AOG 911 service?

Clortech has a deep understanding of the numerous challenges involved in day-to-day aircraft maintenance and we are committed to solving your most pressing issues with rapid lead times and the highest quality aircraft tool manufacturing processes.
When you choose our AOG 911 service, you can ensure that grounded aircrafts are flight-ready as quickly as possible and minimize the costs associated with emergency repairs.

Our dedicated team provides tailored tooling services from our state-of-the-art facility in Montreal that gives them the flexibility to adapt to customer-specific needs on short notice. You can rest assured that your most urgent needs will be fulfilled swiftly with our rapid turnaround and on-time delivery.

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